How to Create a Social Media Atmosphere That Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

Jan 5

Do you know what triumphs everything for me in a destination, place, or event? Atmosphere. I’m all about the ambiance of a place and how the stage is set for the occasion.

When I think of the perfect atmosphere, I think of my favorite restaurant in my hometown. Cynthia’s makes the perfect date night for me and Tyler. Yes, it is pricey and we only go on special occasions. But the atmosphere is calm, inviting, romantic, and classy. It sets the stage for our evening and the food is just as amazing. That is why those dinner dates lasts a little longer and are taken in a little slower. We truly want to take it all in because of the atmosphere and the experience.

On the contrary, I thought about another date night Tyler and I had. The restaurant (I won’t point fingers here) is very well known in my hometown and has a lot of dedicated customers. I was eager to try the unique fare but what I found was simply disappointment. Do you know what was missing? I’ll let you in on a hint. It wasn’t the food. The food was actually wonderful. It was the atmosphere. The restaurant was oddly shaped and lacked in using its space. Plus, the space was tiny and the acoustics were horrid making the soft chatter sound like a screaming match. Even worse, Tyler and I were seated at a tiny two person table that barely held the large dishes of food and I felt like I was sitting on top of the people next to me. I cannot tell you the amount of times I had to lean over the table just to hear Tyler talk, but could hear the person seated inches from me perfectly fine. By the end of the dinner, I was livid and couldn’t get out the door faster. Unfortunately, the delicious meal was masked by the horrible atmosphere.

If I am guessing, you can probably relate to these two scenarios. Maybe it isn’t a restaurant but a bar or event space. Atmosphere truly sets the stage for any occasion whether we are at the grocery store (think about the difference between Walmart and Target) or at a business office (a doctor’s office versus a salon).

What is the atmosphere of your business? Or better yet, what atmosphere would you like your business to portray to your ideal customer? For me, I chose an atmosphere that is cozy, creative, professional, and interesting. My goal is to portray my businesses’ atmosphere evenly across all platforms: from social media, to my website, and through client meetings.

It is important to connect your businesses’ atmosphere to your online presence, especially social media. Every time a customer or potential customer visits your social media pages, they should know what to expect without any change in your atmosphere.

Use the 3 C’s to expressing your businesses’ atmosphere on social media:


Use photographs that reflect your atmosphere. My favorite restaurant, Cynthia’s, is filled with dimmed lights and dark colors for a classy and romantic atmosphere. For my own business, I love alternate pastel color tones with vibrant blues and greens on my Instagram grid. It reflects the coziness of my brand (pastel colors) with a touch of innovation and creative (blues and greens). Think about your business brand. Is it bold like red? Is it happy and inviting like yellow? Is it creative like green? Is it feminine like pink?


What are you posting on your social media pages? Stick to your business and post related content. A restaurant’s social media page should be filled with specials, photography of the food, customer testimonials, and trends in the culinary world. As you may have guessed, my content consists of writing and social media. In addition, I add in related articles and posts about marketing, my community, my personal life, and things I am passionate about. If you are looking for a highly professional atmosphere, you will likely leave out the posts about your personal life and community and focus on industry news and trends and new innovations in your business.

Customer Service

What is the relationship between your customers and business? To answer this question, think about how you gain customers. Is it through walk-ins? Referrals? Cynthia’s is top-notch at customer service. Every customer is greeted and entertained with casual conversation the moment he or she steps in the door. Once seated, the waiter takes excellent care of each customer and explains the daily specials on the menu and wine options. In my business, I strive for excellent customer service. I want every client to know they are valued and will receive my best work. Customer service can be expressed on social media and create an inviting atmosphere. Engage with your followers who comment on your posts, quickly reply to private messages, and ask questions in your captions to encourage your followers to give you feedback.

What does your atmosphere portray to your ideal customer? Tell us below!

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