The Difference Between a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Group

Apr 13

Hey guys, so I wanted to talk to you today about the differences between a Facebook page and a Facebook group and when you should choose one over the other.

A Facebook page is similar to a website. A lot of businesses utilize a Facebook page as a secondary website. The great thing about a page is that you can optimize the page, it’s public, and anybody on Facebook can find it. It’s good for searchability as long as you have it set up correctly and you can post a variety of content. There’s so many parts to a page, which is really great. Another huge perk is that you can direct Facebook ads directly to a Facebook page. You cannot do that with Facebook groups. Just something to note. So you can use Facebook ads to help get a larger following and get more likes on your Facebook page. You can use a Facebook ad to get engagement on a specific post and you can use a Facebook ad to drive more messages into your Messenger app that’s attached to your Facebook page, just for a couple of examples.

If you are uncertain of which direction to go, start with a Facebook page because it’s just a really good starting place. Think of a Facebook group as a community center. It’s an online place that people of like-minded interests can gather about a specific interest of theirs. A Facebook group is actually highly promoted by Facebook itself in terms of reach. They’re easy to find, Facebook likes to promote them, they can be public, but you also have decisions that you can make.  Do you want the group to be private? If so, you can set up questions for people to answer to get into the group. This is helpful especially if you charge a fee for this specific group. I know a lot of people do that if they’re running a challenge or if they have a specific offer that they’re offering through that group, because you can check and make sure that nobody is getting in that has not already paid.

You will see that a lot of times, Facebook groups are utilized for people who have courses or memberships. That’s their community center where the members of that course and the students of that membership can get together to talk about what they’re going through. Such as different modules of the course or what questions they may or may not have. I think of a Facebook page as the online presence on social media for a business, but a Facebook group really is about a particular entity of that business.

A really good example of a group is one hosted by a marketer who has a Facebook group for her podcast. It’s a Facebook group that is not about her marketing business, it’s about her podcast. So people join to engage about the podcast, listen to the podcast, get the latest updates from the podcast. You can also utilize a Facebook group to teach people on a certain subject. It’s just rallying people around a specific interest that they would all be interested in.

You have probably seen commercials, like the Super Bowl had running for Facebook. I think they were… oh, now I can’t remember the name of that funny instrument that people play. But in the commercial, they’re all in class and have this same little instrument. It’s like a whistle. There’s a word for it. If you know it, just drop it in the comments below. So they’re all in person getting together but ultimately, the ad’s intention was to tell people, “Hey, you all like this specific instrument. It’s a very niche interest that you have hang out in the Facebook group because you can build community there.” So that’s the purpose of a Facebook group is to build community.

Now, if you were contemplating whether you want to have a Facebook page or have a Facebook group for your business, keep in mind a Facebook page does involve you needing to be interactive with your audience and engaging with them. But a Facebook group is that 10x. You have to be very, very interactive in a Facebook group or you need to have a team member that is going to do that for you. That’s very important or else your group can get out of control.

Now, you can post rules in your Facebook group for your members to read through so that they understand what they can and cannot do. You can remove members from your Facebook group, so if you see somebody is not abiding by the rules, you can develop the own system that you feel works best for you – whether you give them a warning or not, or if you just boot them out automatically. But as your group grows in numbers, you do need to make sure if somebody is there patrolling the group and watching the members to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to or it can get out of hand pretty quickly.

But a Facebook group is an awesome way to build a community and build an audience that trusts you. If you can do that through a Facebook group and you can create a big audience that rallies around this common interest and finds a similarity between this interest, then you can really give value to them. You can build that community up. And so when you then go to sell something, these people will probably be the first ones to buy from you. It’s a great way to build up an audience that you eventually may want to sell an offer to. So just something to keep in mind.

But, again, if you’re contemplating which direction to go with your business, start with a Facebook page and then you can always create a Facebook group down the road about a specific topic or about a specific interest.  I hope that helps a little bit with Facebook groups. Oh, also, I did want to say this about Facebook groups – what you can post in terms of content is very similar to what you can post on a Facebook page. So there’s really not much of a difference. But again, you cannot run ads specifically to a Facebook group. You can run ads to a Facebook page. 

If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help. Pop them below in the comments and then I will be happy to answer those for you. Have a great day!

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