Do I need to be located near you to use your services?

Not at all! You can be located anywhere in the U.S. or even across the world. We have worked with clients in not only the U.S., but also Australia and Russia just to name a few. We communicate very easily with all of our clients via email, phone calls and Zoom as needed so you will never feel like our team is far away.

What does it cost to work with you?

Our full management packages start at $1,500 per month. All pricing is custom and depends on your business’ unique marketing needs. We try to send a few package options with different pricing so you can choose the package that best suits your business and your budget.

What marketing services do you offer?

My team and I focus our efforts on social media marketing, email marketing, blog writing and website copy. Each package is uniquely created to meet each client’s marketing needs. If you have a specific marketing need not mentioned in the list above, please let us know and we may be able to accommodate or know someone who will be able to.

What if I can’t commit to full-management right now? Do you offer smaller marketing packages?

Yes, we do depending on our capacity! If budget is the sole reason holding you back from working with our team, simply tell us what your budget is and we will try to accommodate with other services. I also offer a course specifically about social media that is a great fit for locally based businesses who want to learn how to utilize social media to reach the right people who will transform from follower into customer. You can learn more about my course here.

My time is limited so I want to make sure I can make the time to work with you. What will you need me to do?

The most you will communicate with us will likely be within the first 2 weeks. During this time, we will need all of your current marketing assets (logos, logins to your website and social channels, branding guidelines, photos, videos, etc.). At the end of the research phase, we will schedule a 1-hour Zoom call with you to ask any additional questions we may have to complete your marketing research. Each month, we will communicate with you or the designated team member of your choice to ask any questions we may have and to send the monthly report. Unless you have questions or wish to schedule a call, you don’t have to do anything else! We know you’re busy and that’s why our marketing services are designed to be hands-off for the business owner as much as possible.

What is the required length of a commitment to work with you?

We believe that clients who enjoy working with us will stay at their own will, and this has been proven to be true - time and time again. Therefore, we have a monthly contract and require a 30-day notice if you choose not to continue working with us. This simply allows our team the time needed to find a new client to fill your spot.

I don’t Have anything to market my business online yet. Can I still work with you?

Of course! We work with businesses who are just starting and businesses who have been established for years. If you are starting your marketing efforts from the ground up, we can help you with additional services including creating a logo, setting up your website, setting up your social media pages and more. Please note that additional costs will apply to the extra services needed for setting up and establishing your marketing plan.

I already have some people helping with my marketing who I want to continue working with. Are you willing to collaborate with them?

We sure are! Our team is used to collaborating with web designers, graphic designers, digital ad specialists, marketing directors and other essential members of your already established marketing team. It’s important they are also willing to work with us but as long as they are, we can easily communicate with the members of your marketing team on an as-needed basis to ensure we are all working towards the same goal.